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Domestic media were highly concerned about the establishment of “Basketball Academy of Chinese Basketball Association”

Date:2017-08-10    Browse times:

OnAugust 8, 2017, “Basketball AcademyofChinese Basketball Association” was unveiled and founded in Shanghai University of Sport. Li Yingchuan (Deputy DirectorGeneral ofthe State Sports General Administrationof China)and Weng Tiehui(Vice MayorofShanghaiCity)unveiled “Basketball AcademyofChinese Basketball Association”. Yao Ming(Chairmanof Chinese Basketball Association) and Chen Peijie(Deputy Secretary of the CPCShanghai University of Sport Committee and President ofShanghai University of Sport) jointlysignedCooperation Agreementbetween Chinese Basketball Association and Shanghai University of Sport forBasketball AcademyofChinese Basketball Association.Yao Mingwas electedas President of Basketball Academy. Basketball Academy willbring togetherquality resourcesofChina’s basketballsportand higher education in the field ofsports,headquarter in Shanghai, servethewhole China, and embrace the world.Joint efforts will be madeto build “Basketball AcademyofChinese Basketball Association”into adomestic first-class and internationally-renowned characteristicacademy. Recently-established Basketball Academy leads tocomprehensive news coveragebynational authoritative media.Domesticmedia not only speak highly of the establishment of Basketball Academy, but also fully attach importance toits future development.

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