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InternationalStudent Speech Contest - A New Era • Chinese Dream • My Story

Date:2018-03-01    Browse times:

Topic:Combine your personal experience, tell a story of chasing the Chinese dream and realizing the Chinese dream in Mandarin

Speaking time: 5-10 minutes

Rematch time: mid-May to late May

Preliminary time: early May

Competition process:

1) Enrollment and submission of text, the number of words 800 - 1000 (March 5 - April 20)

2) Hold a schools peech and record a speech video (April 25)

3) The speech video will be submitted to the organizing committee; the winner will be recommended to participate in the preliminary competition (early May)

4) The winner of the preliminary round will participate in the semi-finals (mid-May to late May)

Registration time:March 5 - April 20


1Please click the following link to register

2Please scan the bottom QR code to register

Responsible teacher: Hongjie Hu

Organizer: Shanghai Language and Culture Working Committee Office

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International Affairs Office


International Students Office

Phone:(86-21)65507702, 65507703