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2022 SUS Online Wushu Training Program for High-level Wushu Coaches in the One Belt and One Road Regions was successfully concluded

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On November 5th, sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and organized by the School of Wushu, Shanghai University of Sport (SUS), the closing ceremony of the 2022 SUS Online Wushu Training Program for High-level Wushu Coaches in the One Belt and One Road Regions (hereinafter referred to as SUS Online Wushu Training Program) was successfully concluded at the Sports Exchange Center of SUS. Pan Qin, Deputy CPC Secretary of SUS, Shen Jia, Director of International Exchange Department of SUS, Liu Mingsheng, CPC Secretary of School of Wushu of SUS, Zhu Dong, Vice Dean of School of Wushu of SUS and representatives of teachers and volunteers attended the closing ceremony. 54participants from 22 different countries participated in the event through the online platform.



Pan Qin, deputy CPC secretary of SUS, concluded in his closing speech that this program is an internationalWushu training covering martial arts techniques, theory and culture. He also expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and the International Wushu Federation for their strong support. Mr. Pan stressed that this program aims to promote exchanges with people from other countries on martial arts and encourage martial arts to go to the world. He put forward his expectations on this program.

At the closing ceremony, videosreviewingthe 2022SUS Online Wushu Training Programwereplayed, showing theprogress and achievements of the students. Those videos recordedwonderful momentsof coaching and learning. Xi Bingsi, thecoachofBroadswordand sticktechniques courses,expressedthat hegained experience of communicatingwithinternational participantsin thecoaching process.He hoped thatWushuand Chinese culture couldbe further integrated and theiradvantagesbe leveraged so as to betterconvey the spirit ofWushu.Prof.Zhu Dong, theViceDean,also extendedhiswishesand gratitude to theWushu participants, and encouraged them to know, appreciate and spread Chinese culture while learningWushuskills. The volunteers expressed their great honor to participate in the“onebelt andoneroad initiative”program and their gratitude forthe opportunity toimproveand hone their skills. Theywarmly welcomed foreign friends to come toSUSfor face-to-face exchanges. Students expressed theirrecognitionon the program viathe onlineplatform, and thanked the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and the International Wushu Federation for providing them with this precious learning opportunity.

As a volunteer,Shen Cejin mentioned in his speech that all the members who participated in the programworked very hard.Thanks to the passion of the students,thededicationof the staffandthecareful guidanceof the coaches, the program was held successfully.He also felt the significance of thisevent-connecting the world with martial arts and communicating with the world.Together forWushuand a betterfurture.

Liu Mingsheng,CPCSecretary ofSchool ofWushu, SUS, Shen Jia, Director of International Exchange Department, and Zhu Dong, ViceDeanofSchool ofWushu, presented awards to outstanding volunteers.Mr.Liu Mingsheng announced the successful conclusion of the closing ceremony. Overseas students expressed their gratitude and support for the eventviathe online platform, and all of them said goodbye with a fist salute.Asa Chinese saying goes, if you have friends who know your heart, distance cannot keep you apart, so no matter how far apart we are, martial arts can bring us together.The 2022 SUS Online Wushu Training Program for High-level Wushu Coaches in the One Belt and One Road Regions are concludedandwelook forward to meeting overseas friends again.

We have received lots ofthanks andrecognitionsfrom overseas studentsafter the closing ceremony, showing the love of martial arts fromoverseas studentsand their recognition of the program. Somestudents commented,“We will share opportunities andforward invitations to our friends when there are new events in the future. We arelikebrothers and sistersand we hope to learn more about martial arts fromeach other. I am very grateful totheSUSand International Wushu Federation for providing us with this excellent opportunity.”Some students said that they were reluctant tocome to theend the course, and they were honored toacquiresuch valuable knowledge.Theylookedforward to meetingfriendsagain next year. Some students even praised, "Victory belongs to you!Best wishes to theorganizers and volunteers. I love China,I love Chinesepeople andChineseculture. Theirsincerityand appreciation showed the success of the program and drove usto forge ahead.

Text by: Xiao Jingjing

Photographer: Fu Xiu Ling Hao, Xia Jinsheng, Chen Qingqing

Submitted by:School ofWushu

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