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Journal of Sport and Health Science Awarded the Title of "2020 the Highest International Impact Academic Journal of China" for "Society" and "Nature"

Date:2020-12-18    Browse times:


Journal of Sport and Health Science(JSHS) has won the title of "2020 the Highest International Impact Academic Journal of China" for the first time in the two fields of "Humanities and Social Sciences" and "Natural Science and Engineering Technology". In the field of humanities and social sciences, JSHS ranked first with a high score of 1370.736 (CI index of International Influence Index), and was awarded as the worlds most influential academic journal for six consecutive years. In addition, JSHS was in the list in the field of "Natural science and engineering technology" for the first time in the Annual Report of International Citation of Chinese Academic Journals in 2020 in which JSHS ranked 43rd among 175 most influential academic journals in the field of natural science and engineering technology with the score of 238.356 (CI index of International Influence index).  



As the only academic journal in Mainland China that is included in both SCI and SSCI databases at the same time, JSHS has been striving to build a world-class and excellent journal by relying on the resources of the Shanghai University of Sport and adhering to the characteristics of interdisciplinary publishing in the past 8 years. In 2020, it was included in MEDLINE, the international authoritative biomedical literature database, and ranked among the top five SCI sports journals in the world. Looking to the future, JSHS will continue to make efforts to optimize and innovate the publication mode, expand its academic influence and brand awareness, and achieve new breakthroughs in the process of building a world-class journal.  






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