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Zheng Zhiling Wins the Women’s Race in the Vancouver Marathon

Date:2018-05-10    Browse times:

On May 7th, theV ancouver Marathon, one of the world's top ten marathons, came to an end. Zheng Zhiling, a student of SUS, finished the whole race with great strength and won the women’s race in 2:43:50, becoming the first Chinese athlete to become the champion in the Vancouver Marathon.  



Zheng Zhiling has been training in the SUS Affiliated School of Elite Sport since 2013 and has achieved fruitful results thanks to the careful training of her coach Li Guoqiang.In this Vancouver Marathon, Zheng Zhiling performed very low-key. She participated in this event just to communicate and learn. In the end, she showed the world with her outstanding results. She crossed the finish line seventh, and the other six were all male marathoners. In fact, the triumph is resulted from not only her strength, but also a strong will and perseverance.  







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