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Delegation from Deakin University visits Shanghai University of Sport

Date:2018-04-26    Browse times:

Adelegation from Deakin University,Australia, visitedShanghai University of Sport (SUS) on April 23.The delegation was headed by Deakin University Vice-Chancellor Jane den Hollander. SUS President Chen Peijie received the delegation at themeetingroom where both parties hadan in-depth discussion about future academic cooperation between the two universities.  


On behalf ofSUS, Chen Peijie extended warm welcome to Jane den Hollander and her delegation. Chen Peijie introducedthe basic situation of Shanghai University of Sport and the main achievements made in the recent five years in the internationalization of education and the construction of a high-level university. Chen Peijiepointedout that it is of positive significance for Deakin University and Shanghai University of Sport, the leaders in the field of sports research in Australia and China, to establish a strong partnership.The two institutionshave planned to set up aSUS – Deakin joint school, takingphysical education, sports training, sports management, sports media, and sports science as the breakthrough point, to cultivate interdisciplinary application-oriented talents.  

Holland said that SUS has made remarkable achievements in recent years, not only in sports science research, sports talent training, but also in sports culture inheritance. Deakin is very honored to carry on a substantial partnership with SUS to promote the construction of the joint school.

The two parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding. In the afternoon, the delegation visited the International Table Tennis Federation Museum and China Table Tennis Museum.



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