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Celebration for the 20th Anniversary of Doctoral Student Admission for Chinese TraditionalSports Discipline Was Launched

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On November 3, 2017, on the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of Shanghai University of Sport, the 20th Anniversary of Doctoral Student Admission for Chinese Traditional Sports Discipline (1997-2017) was grandly celebrated. University leaders,  experts and PhD. candidates from all over the country happily gathered together to exchange views on cultivation of postgraduates majored in Chinese traditional sports and discipline construction.


On that afternoon, Dean Forum of Nationwide Wushu Colleges was held at Student Activity Center. Focusing on the theme of “Postgraduate Cultivation and Discipline Construction”, this Forum presented various panel discussions and idea exchanges, offered valuable suggestions, and took bright outlook on the futuredevelopment of Shanghai University of Sport and Chinese traditional sportsscience. It is believed that with concerted efforts of alumni, Doctoral Programs of “Chinese Traditional Sports” and “Sports Science” will be better. For Shanghai University of Sport, its grand goal of emerging as a world-class sports university will be surely realized as soon as possible.




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