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The Shanghai International Business Leaders’ Advisory Council members event in Shanghai University of Sport

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The 31st Shanghai International Business Leaders’Advisory Council (IBLAC) will be officially held today. Yesterday,an event was held inShanghai University of Sport. The top executives of the multinational companies visited the China Martial Art Museum and the Chinese Table Tennis College (CTTC), watched synchronized rope skipping, dance sports and Chinese martial arts, and rolled up their sleeves to play ping-pong with artificial intelligence.These well-informed "Yang Gao Can"felt the futureand world-oriented pattern and vision of Shanghai.

Shanghai University of Sport, which has produced a large number of eliteathletes including Wu Minxia and Zou Shiming,was the intersection of tradition and modernity, history and future. The martial artsmuseum, representing the traditional Chinese culture, has also attracted more than 1,000 international students. Some British students came here to practice Kungfu and took part in the 15th World Wushu Championship this year. The CTTC here has established a training mechanism of "Chinese coaches to Papua New Guinea and Papua New Guinea players to Shanghai" which led a group of Papua New Guinea table tennis players to train here.

"History, martial arts, dance, table tennis... Everything I have seen in this university made me not surprised that Shanghai can have such a development and an international style,"said theCEO of Roche Group Severin Schwan, after playing against an AI ping-pong player. "Obviously it's going to take me a long time to beat it."