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Ten SUS Students Learn Cross-country Skiing in the US

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In May, a coaching team of the Nordic ski team of the University of Wyoming, a well-known university in the United States came to Shanghai University of Sport to select talentsin for the "Educational Coaching Program in Nordic Skiing'direct to Wyoming' project’" and 10 student-athletes got a one-year opportunity to study cross-country skiing in the United States. Since arriving in the United States in September, these young ice and snow talents have received intensive training in fields such as dry roller skating, mountain cross-country running and hypoxia tolerance.

The 10 students who went to the United States had outstanding special abilities, and many of them had won medals in national competitions. However, they have never been exposed to snow sports before so they inevitably encountered difficulties.

When they first practiced on snow, "fall, get up, fall again, get up" was the norm due and many athletes broke their pants. However, the young people who never give up repeatedly explored the technology and successfully completed the close contact with ice and snow.

At present, the athletes have completed the pre-season training preparations. From December, they will usher in their first ice and snow season. In the face of a new and unknown competition, Li Jinliang said that he will hold a normal heart, be herself first, and hone her skills well.

During their days studying in the United States, athletes struggled to overcome language barriers, acclimated to climatic conditions, and honed their training techniques. "Here, everyone regards sports as their lifelong hobby, and we are very happy to participate in the sport of cross-country skiing." Lin Pengfei said. He hoped to bring back the professional knowledge of cross-country skiing he has learned to China and contributeto the development of ice and snow sports in China.