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First Group of SUS Students in the SUS-IOA-UOP Dual Master’s Degree Program

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Recently, the first group of three students who participate in the SUS-IOA-UOP dual masters degree program arrived in Athens, Greece. Their life of studying for one year in Greece officially began.  

In 2022, a collaboration agreement was signed by the International Olympic Academy, the University of Peloponnese and Shanghai University of Sport. The parties agreed to conduct the dual degree program at the graduate students level, which is the one and only program in Olympic studies, Olympic education and organization and management of Olympic events, approved by the International Olympic Committee, and jointly provided by IOA and UOP.  

Due to the effect of the pandemic, IOA, UOP and SUS worked together to hold an online interview. And three students have been selected from several applicants. SUS assisted students in visa applications, learned the updates of visa of the Consulate and assisted international travel arrangements to help them arrive safely.  

SUS strengthens its international cooperation, and promotes its high-quality development as one of the Double First Class Initiative universities with a higher level of international exchange and cooperation.  


Presentation on the First Day
Learning in the Ancient Olympia