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SUS Students Claim 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze Medals at the Tokyo Olympic Games

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On August 8, after more than half a month of fierce competition, the Tokyo Olympic Games came to an end. The Chinese delegation stayed true to its original aspiration and created one miracle after another. The athletes of Shanghai University of Sport have achieved gold medals. In the Tokyo Olympic Games, SUS students won 2 gold medals, 1 silver medals and 2 bronze medals.

Jiang Ranxin, an undergraduate intheSchool of Physical Education and Training,partnered withPang Wei defeated the Russian Olympic Committee Team and won the gold medalin the 10m Air Pistol Mixed Team event.Jiang Ranxin also won a bronze medal for the Chinese team in the previous 10m air pistol individual competition.

Zhong Tianshiisagraduate studentintheSchool ofPhysicalEducation andTraining.In the final oftrackcyclingwomen’steamsprintat the Tokyo Olympics, Zhong Tianshi and her partner Bao Shanju won the championship with a time of 31.895 seconds and successfully defended their title! In the previous qualifying match,theybroke the world record with a time of 31.804seconds.

Liu Lingling, a graduate student inthe School ofPhysicalEducation andTraining,won the silver medal with 56.350 points in the women's trampoline final at the Tokyo OlympicGames.

Walihan Sailike, anundergraduate inthe School ofPhysicalEducation andTraining,won bronze in the Men's 60kg Greco-Roman wrestling event at the Tokyo Olympics. This bronze medal was the first Chinese wrestling medal in this Olympic Games, and it was the first time in 13 years that China has won the men's Greco-Roman Wrestling Olympic medal again!

In addition to the four outstanding students who won the medals, therehave been15 students from our school participatingin the Tokyo Olympic Games.