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SUS holds an Online Signing Ceremony with the International Olympic Academy and the University of Peloponnese

Author: Date: 2022-03-21View:

On March 21, Shanghai University of Sport, the International Olympic Academy and the University of Peloponneses held an online meeting and signed a memorandum of understanding on trilateral cooperation. The signing ceremony was attended by Chen Peijie,SUS president and Tang Yan,SUS vice president, accompanied by Shen Jia and Zhang Zhe,SUS office of international affairs.

On behalf of Shanghai University of Sport,President Chen Peijie pointed out that the"SUS international strategy"isone of SUS’score development strategies. Aiming at cultivating talents with international competitiveness,SUS has established a number of all-round, three-dimensional inter-school cooperation projects with partners around the world by promoting international education, expanding the path of international talent training and improving the level of international exchanges.SUS signed the MoUon tripartite cooperation with the International Olympic Academy and the University of Peloponnese, aiming to cultivate Olympic talents, promote Olympic culture and contribute to the Olympic cause.SUS attaches great importance to this tripartite cooperation and willallocate and guarantee resources to ensure the smooth progress of the follow-up projects.

The MoU between SUS,the IOA and the University of Peloponnesehas been signed after nearly three months of communication and negotiation. All parties will carry out all-round follow-up cooperationin the Olympic field from the point of exchange of visitsamongthe facultyand students, joint research and cooperation in running schools. This also marks a new step SUS has madein the opening up of education in the 14th Five-year Plan.