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2022 Shanghai University of Sport Postgraduate Program

Date:2021-12-01    Browse times:

01Key Facts

l Master programs:  3 years, Academic Degree

l Doctoral programs: 3 years, Academic Degree


l Non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport, in good health,with relative degree and language proficiency.

l Applicants of master degree should be under 30 years old/applicants ofdoctoral program should be under 35 years old.

l Attained a bachelor degreefor master degree / attained a master degree for doctoral program.

l HSK scores should reach Level 5 (score 200 or above) or Level 6 (score 180 or above)and the validity should be within 2 years. Applicants with good credits or scientific research achievement, if your Chinese level have not reached the above level but withHSK 4 (score 180 or above ), you can apply for one year Chinese tutoring and start the degree study after you pass HSK 5 test with the score 200 or above. If the applicantsfirst language is Chinese, or if the applicants obtained the former degree in Chinese, relative official documents are acceptable.  

l GPA should be not less than3.0 in Chinese grading system; or the average score should not be less than 75.

l No criminal record.

l With the required subject background and research ability.

03 Application Period

From Dec.1st, 2021 to April30th, 2022  

04Required Materials

The applicants must fill in and provide the following documents truly, correctly and completely (hard copies are not necessary).

l One photocopy of your valid passport.  

l One photocopy of your diploma and degree certificate (a notarized Chinese or English translation is demanded if the original version is in other languages). For those who are about to graduate, a certification of expected graduation is also acceptable).  

l One photocopy of your transcript of academic records during your Bachelor/ Masters study (a notarized Chinese or English translation is demanded if the original version is in other languages).  

l Two photocopies of valid HSK certificatefor the most recent years.

l Study plan or research proposal , written in Chinese or English.

l A CV written in Chinese, which should include your education and work experiences, research results and a study plan.  

l Two different recommendation letters in Chinese or English from two professors or associate professors.  

l Acceptance Letter from expected supervisor professor (if available).

l Research papers (if available).

l A copy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form.

l A video of self-introduction in Chinese with the format of MP4.

l No criminal record or commitment letter of no criminal record.

l Proof of financial guarantee with the amount of cash not less than RMB 100 thousand.

l Payment record of application fee: 500 RMB or 80 USD.  

NOTE: All the documents should be bound together on top left cornerif hard copies are sent. You should submit TWO sets of bound documents to our university by posting or handing in duringapplication open period. A valid e-mail address is required for good contact. The application materials and application fee will not be returned in any case.

05Majors AvailableAll are taught in Chinese

u Chinese Traditional Sports*

u Physical Education and Athletic Training*

u Sports Management*

u Sports Event Management

u Sports Sociology*

u Recreational Sports

u Journalismand Communication

u Physical Rehabilitation*

u Kinesiology *

u Medical Technique

u Psychology

The major name with * is open to Ph.D applicants as well.

06How to Apply

Step 1: Online application

Please visit register and fill in the application form, upload the required digital application documents listed and complete the online application.

Those who apply CSC or SGS scholarship should submit all the documents to the relative websites too (c.f. Scholarship part).

Step 2: Pay applicationfee

500 RMB (non-refundable) via online application or by transferringto the university account:

Customer’s Bank in ChinaAgricultural Bank of China Shanghai Branch    


Customer’s A/C NO.  033267-00881002983    


Customer’s Address:  NO.650 Qing Yuan Huan Rd., 200438, Shanghai, China


I. Scholarships applied to local Chinese Embassy and Consulate or other    dispatching authorities

a) Chinese Government Scholarship(Bilateral Program)  

II Scholarships directly applied to Shanghai University of Sport

l Chinese Government Scholarship (Chinese University Program, Type B, agency No. 10277)



² Exemption from tuition fee, providing free on-campus accommodation,

² Comprehensive Medical Insurance

² Living stipend (Master student: 3000RMB/month, Doctoral student: 3500RMB/month).

l Shanghai Government Scholarship



² Exemption from tuition fee, providing free on-campus accommodation

² Comprehensive Medical Insurance

² Living stipend (Master student: 3000RMB/month, Doctoral student: 3500RMB/month).


² Exemption from tuition fee

² Comprehensive Medical Insurance

l Shanghai University of Sport Scholarship for International Students

Full scholarship:

1) Waiver of tuition fees, free campus accommodation;

2) Monthly stipend provided:


 Postgraduates: 2,000 RMB/month (10-month-stipends provided a year)

 Doctoral candidates: 2,400 RMB/month (10-month-stipends provided a year)

3) Comprehensive Medical Insurance provided.

Partial scholarship type A:

1) Waiver of tuition fees, free campus accommodation;

Partial scholarship type B:

1) Waiver of tuition fees;

08 Procedure of Admission

Step1: Students apply online and submit all the required materials.

Step2:The International Students Office check if materials are complete and correct, and pass the complete and correct materials to the schools.

Step 3: The schools will check the applicantsacademic ability by academic check and interviews and decide the pre admission list.

Step4: The leader group of international degree students admission work will verify the final admission list.

Step5: The international students office will post the verified final admission list online for three dayspublicity period and to the relative departments for scholarship applicants.

Step6: After the publicity period, the international students office will send pre-admission notice to the applicants themselves and make the final formal documents.


Office of International Students Services

School of International Education, Shanghai University of Sport

Room201, Old Teaching Building, No. 650 Qingyuan Ring Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, 200438, P. R. China  

TEL 86 21 6550 7702

FAX86 21 65507697



Attachment, Links of professors:

1. Physical Education and Sports Training

Professors lists of Doctoral degree:

Professors lists of Master degree:

2. Sports Management and Sports Industry

Professors lists of Master/Doctoral degree:

3. Sports Sciences:

Professors lists of Master/Doctoral degree:

Contact us

International Affairs Office


International Students Office

Phone:(86-21)65507702, 65507703