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2019 Shanghai Government Scholarship

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Shanghai Government Scholarship

Shanghai GovernmentScholarships (SGS) for International Students was established by ShanghaiMunicipal Education Commission in 2005. It funds prospective internationalstudents to pursue a bachelor’s or higher degree at institutions of highereducation in Shanghai.

The scholarship is divided into two categories: ClassA and Class B.

Ø  Class A Scholarshipcovers:

l  tuition

l  living expenses

l  Comprehensive MedicalInsurance for International Students in China

Ø  Class B (PartialScholarship) covers tuition and comprehensive medical insurance forinternational students in China only.


u  non-Chinese citizens of good health.

u  applicants for Bachelor programshould have obtained a high school diploma and be under 25.

u  applicants for Ph.D program shouldhave obtained a master’s degree and be under 40.

u  applicants for master’s programshould have obtained a bachelor’s degree and be  under 35.

u  Should hold the Chinese LanguageProficiency Certificate (such as HSK 4 or above).

u  Should not be holding any otherscholarship provided by Chinese government.

How to apply

Online application at

Sign in and apply online (, The organization No. ofSUS is 10277. The applicants must fill in and provide thefollowing documents truly, correctly and completely (in duplicates).

l  Application Form for ShanghaiGovernment Scholarship (print it online) with the applicant’s signature.

l  The SUS Application Form forInternational Students (please apply online: ) with the applicant’s signature.

l  One photocopy of your valid passport.

l  A copy of Foreigner PhysicalExamination Form (check Download on our website) .

l  One photocopy of your diploma anddegree certificate (a notarized Chinese or English translation is demanded ifthe original version is in other languages). For those who are about tograduate, a certification of expected graduation is also acceptable).

l  One photocopy of your transcript ofacademic records during your Master’s study (a notarized Chinese or Englishtranslation is demanded if the original version is in other languages).

l  One photocopy of your HSKcertificate.

l  Study plan or research proposal(check Download on our website), written in Chinese or English, which includesyour education and work experiences, research results and a study plan.

l  Recommendation letters (checkDownload on our website) in Chinese or English from two professors or associateprofessors.

Deadline:  March 31st

NOTE: All the documents should be bound together on top leftcorner. You should submit TWO sets of bound documents to our university byposting or friend’s hand-in during January 1 to March 31 every year. A valide-mail address is required for good contact. The application materials will notbe returned in any case.

Further information




Information of CN Yuan Account

Customer’s Bank in China Agricultural Bank of China  ShanghaiBranch    


Customer’s A/C NO. 033267-00881002983    


Customer’s Address:  NO.650 Qing Yuan Huan Rd., 200438,Shanghai, China

ACCOUNT of US Dollars

Customer’s Bank in China Agricultural Bank of ChinaShanghai Branch      


Customer’s A/C NO. 09421014040005359      


Customer’s Address NO.650 Qing Yuan Huan Rd., 200438,Shanghai, China

*  Please write your passport name and “application fee”while transferring.


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