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Shanghai University of Sport Enrollment Guide 2023 English-Taught Master's Program in TRADITIONAL CHINESE EXERCISE AND REHABILITATION HEALTH

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Program Introduction            

Based on the disciplinary advantages of the first-class discipline master’s program of Public Health and Preventive Medicine of our School of Exercise and Health and supported by a professional teaching team composed of excellent teachers with overseas educational background, the program provides students with cross-disciplinary international courses with Chinese characteristics which combine sports health with public health, and aims to cultivate high-level sports talents who are not only competent for teaching basic theories and conducting scientific research, but also able to carry out disease prevention and control at medical centers, disease control centers, health education centers, rehabilitation institutions, and community health centers and show strong competitive edge in the international sports field.


Highlights of the Program  

1. 2-year schooling in Shanghai, one of the biggest cities in the world.  

2. Masters degree and possibilities of advancing to doctoral studies.  

3. 2 times/year field trips of Chinese culture immersion.  

4. Cutting-edge research directions and experienced tutor team.  

5. Financial support for round-trip airfare (economy class) incurred for one oral presentation at an international conference abroad.  

6. Extraordinary scholarship to cover all tuition, on-campus accommodation, medical insurance and monthly stipend.


About Shanghai University of Sport  

Shanghai University of Sport (SUS) is a designated Chinese Government Scholarship university and a pilot institution designated by Chinas Ministry of Education to independently enroll international students available to Chinese government scholarships. By the end of 2022, SUS has had exchange and collaborations with 149 universities and organizations from 46 countries and regions, including 19 programs of mutual recognition of credits with the top 50 universities in the QS World University Rankings. More than 1,800 students from more than 60 countries and regions, including the United States, France, Germany, Japan and South Korea, have learned at SUS. Currently SUS is ranking top 50 in the world and top 1 in Asia, as per ARWUs Global Ranking of Sport Science Schools and Departments 2022.


Main Courses of the Program:    

Research Methods and Statistics, Chinese Exercise Prescription: Theory and Practice, Traditional Chinese Exercise: Health and Rehabilitation, Chinese Diet and Nutrition, Physical Activity, Fitness, and Health, Physical and Mental Exercise: History, Science, and Application, Behavior Change Psychology, Tai Chi, Basic Skills of Table Tennis, Fitness Qigong ---The Eight Brocade


Tutor Team    

Barbara Ainsworth, Li Fuzhong, Tian Haili, Liu Longhua  

Start Time    

September 2023

Deadline for Application      

April 30, 2023


Applicants shall be non-Chinese citizens with regular foreign passports, who shall be physically and mentally healthy and aged under 35.    

Applicants shall have the disciplinary background and research capabilities required for the program applied for.    

Applicants applying for the program shall have obtained the bachelor's degree.    

Applicants shall at least satisfy one of the following requirements for language proficiency:    

1)Applicants' native language is English;  

2) Applicants can provide valid IELTS or TOEFL scores (IELTS scores not lower than overall band 6.5 or TOEFL scores not lower than 80 points);  

3) Applicants have obtained a bachelor's degree or above taught in English.  

The GPA of the previous period of study shall not be lower than 3.0, or the average score of all subjects shall not be lower than 75 points.    

Applicants shall have no criminal records.  


Application Documents  

One copy of the valid passport    

One copy of your graduation or degree certificate (If the original is issued in languages other than Chinese or English, please provide a notarized translated copy in Chinese or English.); if the applicant is a new graduate, please submit one pre-graduate certificate presented by one's school.    

One copy of the academic transcript for the undergraduate period (If the original is issued in languages other than Chinese or English, please provide a notarized translated copy in Chinese or English.)    

One copy of the valid IELTS or TOEFL certificate or originals of any other certificate proving equal language proficiency for students not native speakers of English    

One learning plan or research proposal written in English    

One resume written in English, including educational and working experience, research results, and learning plans    

Recommendation letters in English from two professors or associate professors    

Tutor's Pre-acceptance Letter (if any)    

Previous research results/academic papers (if any)    

One copy of the Foreigner Physical Examination Form    

One video (MP4) with a length of less than 3 minutes to introduce yourself in English    

Certificate of No Criminal Records or Commitment on No Criminal Records    

Letter of Guarantee or Bank Statement proving a minimum bank deposit of CNY 100,000    

Payment certificate for the registration fee (CNY 500 or USD 80)  


Application Method      

Step 1: Online application  

Log in to "Shanghai University of Sport - International Student Service System" ( to register, fill in the registration form, upload the required documents (in electronic version), and submit their applications.  

Step 2: Pay the registration fee  

The registration fee is USD 80 or CNY 500 (which will not be refunded once paid.), which shall be paid online or remitted to Shanghai University of Sport:  

Account name: Shanghai University of Sport  

Account number: 033267-00881002983  

Bank of deposit: Xiangyin Sub-branch, Shanghai Branch, Agricultural Bank of China  

Address: No. 650, Qingyuan Ring Road, Yangpu District  

Please state the passport name of the applicant and "registration fee" whenmaking a remittance.    



Applicants of the program are eligible for the President's Scholarship for International Students of Shanghai University of Sport subject to the following funding criteria:  

1. Students granted with the scholarship are exempted from the tuition, on-campus accommodation expenses, and comprehensive medical insurance expenses.  

2. Students granted with the scholarship will receive living expenses in an amount of CNY 3,000/month.  

3. The Excellent Student Scholarship is established to provide one-time reward to students achieving high-level research results during their academic year.  

4. Students will receive financial support for round-trip airfare (economy class) incurred for one oral presentation at an international conference abroad.  


Review and Acceptance Process    

1.Students file applications online.    

2.Personnel of the Office of International Students Services preliminarily review application documents for integrity and validity.    

3.Colleges organize academic reviews and interviews for applications who have provided complete application documents.    

4.The International Student Enrollment Leading Group finalize the list of acceptance    

5.Personnel of the Office of International Students Services announce the pre-admission results.    

6.Personnel of the Office of International Students Services send pre-acceptance notices to accepted applicants and prepare formal acceptance documents.    

Contact Us    

Office of International Student, Shanghai University of Sport  

Room 115, Building No. 4, Lane 531, Qingyuan Ring Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, the People's Republic of China  

Tel: 0086-21-65507702    

Fax: 0086-21-65507702