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The International Table Tennis Federation Museum is the official museum of the ITTF, and the first international sport museum introduced to China. Opened in March 2018, it portrays the history of the ITTF, presents the development of table tennis equipment and techniques in a lively and comprehensive manner. It showcases the glorious history of worldwide competition whilst depicting thoroughly the culture of the sport.

The China Martial Art Museum, initiated to be built in 2005 and established in 2007, is the first museum in China and even in the world to present the history and culture of Chinese martial arts. After several years of development, the exhibition area of the Museum has reached 2500 square meters. It consists of the hall of weapons, the History Hall, the Temporary Exhibition Hall and the Hall of "Learning martial arts by science". It is a modern museum that showcases humanities, history and national spirit with its exhibits and in the multimedia.