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In September 2021, the Shanghai Anti-doping Laboratory (SAL) officially became a candidate laboratory for the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The SAL serves as an innovative research platform for doping detection and anti-doping science.The technology in doping detection covers the substances in the WADA's prohibited list updated annually. The laboratory collaborates with world-class universities and national scientific research institutes to carry out cutting-edge research in anti-doping sport science and technology. Also, the SAL has been selected as a category IV peak discipline among the universities in Shanghai; and the Research on the key technology platform for doping test as a special project of the national research and development plan of  "Science and Technology in Winter Olympics ". SUS is also a home to other laboratories, including the Key Laboratory for Sport and Exercise Technology, the Key Research Base for Sport Sociology, Shanghai Key Laboratory for Human Athletic Ability Development and Support, Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center for Sport and Health Industry, Shanghai Research Center for Student Physical Fitness and the Research Center for Sport Humanity and Social Science.