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SUS comprises schools and departments that offer bachelor and postgraduate programs, programs for adults and programs for overseas students. There are 10 teaching schools: China Table Tennis College, School of Marxism Studies, School of Physical Education, School of Athletic Performance, School of Martial Arts, School of Journalism and Communication, School of Exercise and Health, School of Economics and Management, School of Psychology and School of Arts. As one of the best sport universities in China, SUS currently offers 24 undergraduate programs, 13 academic master programs, 5 professional master programs and 9 doctoral programs.

At SUS, we implement the reform of integrating education and sport. Therefore, SUS has jointly established the International Handball Federation Academy with the IHF, CBA Basketball Academy with the Chinese Basketball Association, China Marathon College with the Chinese Athletics Association, Badminton College with the Chinese Badminton Association, Gymnastics Academy of China with the Chinese Gymnastics Association, and CTSA Triathlon College with China Triathlon Sports Association.