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Shanghai University of Sport (SUS), the very first university of its kind in New China, was established in November 1952. Mr. Wu Yunrui, first President of SUS, devoted himself to the advanced values and notions of physical education. He advocates the idea of “developing the students both physically and mentally with a balanced education of liberal arts and science, and with the mutual enhancement of morality and techniques in order to cultivate all-round talents for the society” and promotes a teaching style characterized by “being careful and precise, honest and sincere; living up to the name of a teacher and realizing that teaching benefits teachers and students alike”.

Things were rather difficult right after the establishment of the university, yet teachers as well as students encouraged each other and braved the harsh conditions optimistically. With collaborated efforts, the teaching, administering and learning at SUS began to flourish. Various effective measure implemented at SUS were praised and learned by fellow universities across the country.

In the twenty-first century, China is prospering and people are living an increasingly happier life. SUS should also do her bit to the construction of a better society by adhering to the university motto—“Integration of Mind and Body, Inclusive and Competitive”, remaining sport-oriented and continuing to work hard to nurture interdisciplinary talents.

University officials should keep pace with the times and strive to achieve good cultural environment that offers stage to all kinds of talents. All teachers are expected to be insatiable in learning and tireless in teaching, and all students strict with themselves and determined to serve the society wholeheartedly.

Looking ahead, the university leadership and the rank and file should be of one mind and carry forward the fine traditions, and all SUS components should do their part, display the Olympic Spirit “Swifter, Higher, Stronger” and show the world the glamour of the Chinese nation.