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Celebration Ceremony for the University's Sixty-fifth Anniversary

Date:2017-11-28    Browse times:

On the morning of November 11, 2017, Comprehensive Gymnasium was brimming with jubilantand ceremonious atmosphere. Celebration Ceremony for the 65thAnniversary of Shanghai University of Sport(SUS) was grandly held here. Guests and alumni from home and abroad,representatives of fraternal universities, representatives of SUS teachers and students, SUS retirees and veterans, many guests and friends from all walks of life gathered together to jointly celebrate the 65thAnniversary of SUS.Thomas Bach (President of International Olympic Committee) sent a congratulatory letter, which was announced at this ceremony. In his letter, on behalf of International Olympic Committee, President Bach extended his warmest congratulations to all SUS teachers, staffs and students, and expressed his gratitude to unremitting efforts and dedications of SUS in promoting sports andcarrying forward the Olympic Spirit. According to President Bach, under joint efforts of SUS and other Chinese universities, China will be bound to play amore significant role in the global sports arena.

Inaddition, representatives of international sports organizations, fraternal universitiesacross Shanghai and the rest of China, overseas fraternal universities and other institutions of higher learning also successively sent their congratulatory letters to SUS.

At the ceremony, SUS University Video, produced by Publicity Department, was shown on the site and enthusiastically applauded by the alumni. Time-honored history,new look and gratifying achievements of SUS aroused heartfelt praise and pride from the alumni. Then celebrate variety show was also presented. Dancing,poetry recitation, singing, martial arts performance and other exciting repertoires continuously pushed this ceremony to the climax.

On this celebration day, a variety of events, such as International Cultural Festival, Shanghai Summit Forum of Sports Industry, “SUS Footprint” Campus Walking, were kicked off.

In recent years, SUS not only actively launches connotation construction andinsists on making SUS stronger with top quality and characteristic development,but also harvests a number of unique national-class fruits, such as Chinese Table Tennis College, Shanghai Sports National University Science Park, Chinese Wushu Museum, Yun Rui Academy,Journal of Sport and Health Science (EnglishEdition), ITTF Museum (Chinese Table Tennis Museum). Moreover, Handball Collegeof International Handball Federation, Marathon College of Chinese Athletics Association, Basketball College of China Basketball Association, The 2nd China’s National Anti-Doping Laboratory and other institutions also settle down in SUS.

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