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The First China-Finland Intensive Course for Education and Culture Was Successfully Completed in SUS

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During September 26-30, two teachers from School of Physical Education and Health Science at University of Jyväskyläand 19studentsmajoring inphysical educationcarried out exchangeandlearning forChina-Finland Intensive Course for Educationand Culture. Under the auspices of School of Physical Education andSportTraining and School of International Education at SUS and School of Physical Education and Health Science atUniversity of Jyväskylä, theFirstChina-Finland Intensive Course for Educationand Culture successfullyconcluded in SUS.

For nearly a week, this exchange and learningevent featured a wide range ofcontents and multiple forms, such as Cultural Theory Course, Practice Courseand Field Observation. Cultural Theory Course focused on school physical education, cultivation of physical education teachers, students’ physical activities,university students’ living conditionsand other aspects. Chinese and Finnishteachers and students respectively introduced their national situations, followed byheated discussion. Finnish studentsmainly undertookPractice Course so that Chinese students could understandwhole process of physical education teachers’ physical education in Finland, and got inspirations and lessonsin this regard.SUS offered aChinese Martial Arts Practice Class so that teachers and studentsfeltpersonallyamazed at the charm of Chinese martial arts. In addition, Chinese and Finnish teachers and students visited Chinese Martial Arts Museum, andmade fieldobservation for the Chinese-style physical educationclass at PrimarySchooland Middle SchoolAffiliated to UniversityofShanghai for Science and Technology.

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