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SUS Students Obtained Excellent Results in 2017’ China Dance Sport Open

Date:2017-10-09    Browse times:

During National Day holiday,on October 2,2017 “Jinkun Cup” China Zhenjiang Dance Sport Open raised the curtain in SIPGStadium ofaffluent Zhenjiang. 15members of SUSSports Dance Team, including candidates tomaster of art (majoring indance) and undergraduate studentsmajoring inchoreography, participated in the competition. Finally, SUS studentsobtainedexcellent resultsof three gold medals, two silver medals and a bronze medal inStandard Dance (Professional Group)and Latin Dance (Group A) and other top-grade groups. Professor Liu Shujun (Deputy Dean ofSchool of Sports Leisure and Art, SUS) was invited to attend the opening ceremony. As coachof SUS Sports Dance Team, Liu Shaobo was designated as the referee.

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