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English-Taught Program for Master Students in Sports Science

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Brief Introduction    


International sports events are ever-increasingly in full swing and springing up like mushrooms. It is the overriding goal for the worldwide higher education institutions to cultivate high-level professionals who feature international perspective, orientation to the future, physical and psychological health and all-round development and have the capabilities of teaching, research and management in the sports-related fields. Through this Program, students can grasp solid basic theory, systematic expertise and specific basic skills in sports majors and related disciplines, obtain a wide range of knowledge, have the ability to devote to independent research and teaching or fulfill the professional and technical tasks, and contribute to the development of international sports undertaking.  


Requirements for Applicants    


1.       Application Eligibility:  


Bachelor Degree or above;  


Mother language is English; or high score in English language proficiency examinations (at least IELTS score of 5.5 or TOEFL score of 80 IBT)  


2.       Application Materials  


1) Application Form of Shanghai University of Sport for International Student (attached with photo).  


2) A copy of passport (valid ordinary passport).  


3) A copy or a notarized photocopy of undergraduate graduation diploma (pre-graduation certificate for fresh graduate) and bachelor degree certificate; Notarized Chinese translation or English translation is also required for such original diploma not in Chinese or English.  


4) A copy or notarized photocopy of undergraduate transcript; Notarized Chinese translation or English translation is also required for such original undergraduate transcript not in Chinese or English.  


5) English proficiency certificate.  


6) Curriculum Vitae in English (including educational background, work experience, academic research achievement, study and research plan, etc).  


7) Recommendation letter from two associate professors or above title (in Chinese or English).  


8) Application fee: RMB 500 (cash, postal remittance or bank transfer) or USD 80.


* If necessary, SUS will request the applicant to submit the designated supplementary materials.  


* Incomplete application materials will not be accepted.  


* The above application materials and fee will not be returned to applicant regardless of admission results.  


Main Courses    


a. Seven Core Courses    


1) Seminar: Special Topics in Kinesiology  


2) sport Events Management  


3) Physical Activity and Evaluation  


4) Physical Education, Physical Fitness and Sport in China  


5) Research Methodology in Kinesiology  


6) Introductory Statistical Methods  


7) Clinical Exercise Physiology (Human Movement Science)  


b. Two Elective Courses  


1) Exercise and Aging  


2) Advances in Physical Activity and Health  


3) Motor Learning  


4) Monitoring & Diagnostics in Exercise & Sport  


5) Nutrition and Exercise for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention  


6) Rehabilitation For sports Injuries  


7) Sports Rehabilitation Biomechanics  


8) Scientific Theory and Application of Training and Conditioning in Sport    


9) Youth, Adult Health and Sport  


c. Two Academic Activities:  


Literature Review  


Academic Report  


Schooling Duration and Tuition    


This is three-year program.    


Tuition: RMB 26,000/acamdeic year (RMB 13,000/semester).  




Application for this Program is accepted throughout the year. The deadline for Fall Semester of Year 2018 is May 31, 2018. Student’s application beyond this deadline will be postponed to the following year. Applicants can submit their applications by post (as evidenced by the postmark date), by email or by directly going to Overseas Student Office.  


Application materials and application fee should be submitted to Overseas Student Office prior to the deadline.  


* Upon review of application materials, admission result should be given in two ways according to the applicant’s situations and professional requirements:  


1) Decision on whether to admit through interview;  


2) Decision on whether to admit through interview and written examination.  


* Interview is generally arranged in the early June. Every applicant, whose application materials are accepted, will be directly informed of specific way, time and place of interview by Overseas Student Office (by phone or by email).  


* Every applicant, who has complete application materials and passes the examination, can be admitted. Overseas Student Office will issue acceptance letters to admitted students.  




Information of CN Yuan Account  


Customer’s Bank in China Agricultural Bank of ChinaShanghai Branch    




Customer’s A/C NO.  033267-00881002983    




Customer’s Address:  NO.650 Qing Yuan Huan Rd., 200438, Shanghai, China  


ACCOUNT of US Dollars      


Customer’s Bank in China Agricultural Bank of ChinaShanghai Branch      




Customer’s A/C NO.  09421014040005359      




Customer’s Address NO.650 Qing Yuan Huan Rd., 200438, Shanghai, China  


 Please write your passport name and “application fee” while transferring.  




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