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Short & Long Term Training Sports Programs

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Long-term Sport Training Program


Ø  Martial arts courses


l  Taiji


l  Sanda


l  Taolu


Ø  Table-tennis


The schooling system for visiting students ranges from 3 months to 2 years. A non-degree certificate will be awarded if he/she successfully finishes his study at SUS.




General Visiting Students: RMB 12000/semesterRMB 24000/academic year


High level athletesRMB 18000/semester    RMB 36000/academic year


* High Level athletes should provide athletes’ certificate or international competition awards, or any document to prove his athletic level.        




Apply via email:


Further information:


Short-term Sport Training Program


Ø  Martial arts courses


l  Taiji


l  Sanda


l  Taolu


Ø  Table-tennis


Ø  Basketball


Ø  Taekwondo


Tuition for Individuals        


Private courses: RMB 200/person/hour


General courses: RMB 200/person/session


²  Please contact School of International Education at least 3 months earlier to confirm the date of arrival, the curriculum and the costs.





Office of International Students Services    


School of International Education, Shanghai University of Sport    


No. 650 Qingyuan Ring Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, 200438, P. R. China    


TEL86 21 51253375, 86 21 51253381      


FAX86 21 51253383      


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